Ambien Heating can supply and fit a range of boilers including condensing boilers, combination boilers and system boilers.

Please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only

Please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only

Our trained staff are able to give free estimate and quotes for boiler installations. New boilers are now much safer and more energy efficient than ever, so choosing to have a new boiler installed will help you make savings in the long term.  There are various types of boiler from which you can choose, so it's important that you understand how they differ to make the right choice for your specific needs. Gas is the most used fuel for heating the home, although oil and electric systems are also available.

The size of of boiler required is determined by the output you are looking for. This is measured in terms of radiators and hot water cylinders. Inn the past it was common to oversize boilers to make sure the boiler would heat your house adequately. One result of this is that most boilers installed pre 1989 are over-sized by up to 30%. This is an incredible drain on finance as well as energy and these days boiler efficiency calculations are much more advanced.


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Oil Boiler Installation

Ambien Heating can supply and install oil boilers and central heating systems. Oil is one of the cheapest, most environmentally friendly fuels and many homes safely use oil as opposed to gas or electric. Modern clean burning oil boilers have low C02 emissions and high efficiency ratings. Over the last decade, oil has usually been the cheapest central heating option.

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