A Gas central heating boiler (heat generator) provides the heat that the property needs to warm itself up.

The size of the boiler should be matched to the size of the property. If the boiler is oversized, then the fuel bills will be excessive. If the boiler is undersized, it may not generate enough heat in winter. The ideal size for a boiler is one that just copes adequately on the coldest day of the year. Most boilers are oversized by at least 30%. This is due to the way systems used to be calculated with a card calculator. These always over calculated “to be on the safe side”. Today the emphasis is on energy conservation, and the fact that heat loss calculations can be done very accurately on a PC, means there is no need to oversize. This allows smaller radiators and so less water in the system, which it turn means a smaller boiler and reduced costs for both installation and fuel bills.

All new boilers now are fanned flue and room sealed, which is the best and safest option. Some boilers use a fan in conjunction with an open flue, and as from 1st April 2005 all new boiler installs must be over 90% efficient unless there are exceptional circumstances.  

There are a lot of regulations for safety of the flue and ventilation, so if you are in any doubt consult a "Gas Safe Registered"  installer to check this. All gas appliances should be checked for safety once a year, any faults or potential faults should be picked up then.

Whether replacing an old central heating system or installing a brand new one from scratch, Ambien Heating Specialists can provide all of the necessary parts and equipment to ensure that you can enjoy a warm house and hot water all year round. We can install high quality safe and efficient systems with excellent warranties.

We guarantee our workmanship for five years.