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Landlords in England are obliged by law to carry out risk assessments for legionnaires' disease and take action where necessary.

Download the HSE advisory Guide for Landlords

Download the HSE advisory Guide for Landlords

Legionnaires is a pneumonia like illness which can be fatal. Legionella bacteria are widespread in water systems where the temperature of the water is such as to encourage growth of the bacteria, e.g. a hot water system. People can catch the disease by inhaling small droplets of water which may be suspended in the air and contain the bacteria. Stored and recirculated water is a particular risk.

Where a property is under management by an agent, the agent has responsibility for meeting these legal requirements. However, where the landlord is managing the property, the landlord takes on that responsibility along with all the other legal requirements such as annual gas checks etc.

The HSE guidance specifies annual risk assessments and insists that landlords and agents keep records of these for at least five years.

Landlords should be aware that legionella bacteria can multiply in water storage tanks and hot or cold water systems. The bacteria can be spread via showers and taps, particularly if they have not been used for some time. The risk assessments must assess the risk and identify potential sources of exposure, followed by steps to prevent or control any of the identified risks.